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Postdoctoral workstations continue to advance

Date:Jun 21,2017 澳门葡京

April 20 morning, in the Jintan District Social Science and Technology Institute of technical arrangements, the company held a doctoral workstation as scheduled postal work conference. Participate in the meeting are: Social Council Wang Zhizhong and other relevant leaders, Nanjing University of Technology Yang Shuji, Dr. Gong, general manager of the company, executive vice president, production technology center director, human resources minister, in the Jintan office area conference room Postdoctoral workstations related work promotion We exchanged opinions.

The total development of the company, the future development direction, the demand for high-end talent and so on were introduced; Nan Gong Da Yang Shuji introduced Dr. Gong's professional situation and the college's resource situation; Section leaders briefly explain the post-doctoral workstation operating procedures and related policies.

In the meeting, I Director of Production Technology Center and Dr. Gong Gong of Nan Gong also specializes in professional communication, and put forward the company's current concern of the technical issues.


At present, this work is continuing to advance.

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