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A product new workshop production to a new level

Date:Jun 21,2017

March production technology center synthesis production by doing a good job, and detailed decomposition of the implementation of the production program, A product new workshop trial production work has been a small paragraph. At present, the workshop equipment to meet the technical requirements, workshop equipment is running normally.

Production technology center in April to prepare for the production of a new workshop to produce A products, and further attention to equipment and facilities, safety and satisfaction, and gradually achieve A product production maximization; continue to do a new product A project EIA project rectification and acceptance work.

A product new workshop in the relevant compliance and satisfaction has a high starting point strict requirements, the company also invested more money for the production equipment and equipment upgrading, efforts to create a new standard workshop.

A product new workshop has a lot of flash point to make people shines. Such as DCS system, the use of automatic centrifuge and follow-up feeding changes and so on. Compared to the old workshop, in the QEHS and clean production has greatly improved, A product new workshop production to a new level.

Production Technology Center Control: Xu Fenghua


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